Open Enrollment for 'The Singing Bullet' (closed)

What To Expect:

Facilitator and participants will meet on Slack for general discussion and so participants can interact with each other. For the first week, we will be dissecting various poems and learning 'how to read' the works of various writers. We will discuss line breaks, rhythm, cadence, form, and meter. We will then discuss what poems are curious about / moving towards. By studying poems, by learning how to unpack a poem, these skills can be transferred into your own work. After the first week, I will be providing you personally-made prompts based on the information disclosed through the participants questionnaire. I will provide reading materials for the participants in addition to warm-ups regardless of what prompts you will be writing towards. We will video chat at least twice online through Google Hangouts, so the workshop can feel more interactive. Facilitator will create folders through Google Drive for participants to drop their poetry in. Facilitator will check the folder everyday. This is an intensive, highly generative workshop, in which participants will be expected to write a new poem everyday for 30 days. Open enrollment closes on March 29, 2019 11:59:59 PST. The workshop begins on April 1st.

FAQ: If I applied to the scholarship, do I still have to register for open enrollment?

Answer: You may enroll if you applied, but you will not be issued a refund should you be offered a scholarship. The facilitator will announce the winners of the scholarship in time so people who didn’t win it can still have time to enroll.

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THE SINGING BULLET scholarship application (closed)


The Singing Bullet: Scholarship Application (now closed)

For the 4th anniversary of The Singing Bullet, I’m opening up a scholarship application ahead of the online workshop sign-up. The scholarship will select two promising writers and alleviate the full cost ($200 USD) of the workshop. I firmly believe financial need should never impede on an education, so to that end I do everything in my power to keep the cost of the workshop low while also suppling participants with the tools necessary to sharpen their eyes on the page. This is a very intensive, highly generative online workshop, in which participants will be expected to write a new poem everyday for 30 days. 


Applicants must write a one page statement which should clearly outline your writing background / education, your long & short-term goals as a writer, personal challenges, your obsessions / curiosities, and your financial need. The statement should be written in paragraph form only, no bullet points, no lists. In addition, applicants are to submit 3-5 poems of their original work. One poem per page. Poems may be previously published. Non US citizens, first-generation Americans, writers of color, LGBTQIA writers, indigenous writers, writers with disabilities and writers from other underserved communities are highly encouraged to apply.

Submit all materials (statement + poems) in a single PDF. Applications closes february 2nd, 2019 at 11:59:59 PM PST



When I launched The Singing Bullet three years ago, I sought to create a space of nurture, but one of rigor, in which participants rise to the challenge they set for themselves at the start of April. During National Poetry Month, participants are expected to write a new poem everyday for the next 30 days, but this year, prompts will be individually tailored towards each participant’s unique needs and overall goals. The poems written in this workshop do not have to be “complete”, but there must be an attempt made. After the workshop, participants are highly encourage to edit and change anything written during the month of April. The goal is to leave with a substantial body of work and a new found understanding of your capabilities.

If you have any questions, submit them to the ‘Contact’ tab. Good luck!